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Re: A few extra component footprins


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> Nice completeness with details...
Thanks! I've looked over Oyvind's transistor library, and that gave me a
few ideas. It's nothing major but I'd like to get some consistency
between the SSR and his transistors.

> Thank you. I've looked at the wrl files with text editor and it seems
> you need to define "material classes" which are bound to objects. If you
> compare Oyvinds files and these, the thing gets clear. It is possible to
> copy-paste the definitions there, but I didn't try it yet. Can you check
> your toolset regarding material definitions? Otherwise we need to do
> some manual work. Anyway, your footprints and 3D-models are excellent :)
I was afraid you'd say that. My current workflow is Autodesk Inventor ->
IGES file -> FreeCAD -> .obj file -> Wings 3D -> .wrl file. I don't know
if FreeCAD or the IGES file format are the weak link, but the materials
I define in Inventor don't make it into FreeCAD. Hell, I don't even know
if this is the wisest method, but it's the only one that I found to be

FreeCAD is too immature to be useful for any meaningful work. The only
remaining option is Wings 3D, but that looks more like an art program. I
can't stand it; I'm an exact science type of person.

I definitely need the help of someone wiser with this issue. I will look
into Oyvind's work again to see if I can find any clues, though to quote
another discussion on this mailing list, this sort of work is
"programming on your hands and knees" (except that what I'm doing is not

This is taking a little longer than I predicted, but considering it's my
first full-blown set of footprints, I'm seeing this as a learning

I was also thinking of making a mount hole library for different size
screws (metric and imperial), but that seems like a definite candidate
for scripting. I'm getting bored modifying the 1PIN footprint every time
I make a new board :P .


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