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eeschema bloc rotate



I recently switched to kicad and found it very promising!
Block rotation was however a missing feature in schematic editor,
quite annoying ....

Please find below my first contribution to this great project.
The attached patch file adds the following feature to eeschema:

   - block vertical mirror + popup menu
   - block  counter-clockwise rotate + popup menu
   - hotkey on block mirror_X (X)
   - hotkey on block mirror_Y (Y)
   - hotkey on block rotate ccw (R)
   - Some cleaning on existing code of block mirror: code defined in headers
   (.h) is moved to corresponding (.cpp) file

Theses block operations are repeatable, (ie could be executed more than
once; usefull for rotations) and move block remain active until placement.
(comparable behaviour as moving/rotating single components)


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