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Re: eeschema bloc rotate


Pascal Baerten a écrit :

I recently switched to kicad and found it very promising!
Block rotation was however a missing feature in schematic editor, quite annoying ....

Please find below my first contribution to this great project.
The attached patch file adds the following feature to eeschema:

    * block vertical mirror + popup menu
    * block  counter-clockwise rotate + popup menu
    * hotkey on block mirror_X (X)
    * hotkey on block mirror_Y (Y)
    * hotkey on block rotate ccw (R)
    * Some cleaning on existing code of block mirror: code defined in
      headers (.h) is moved to corresponding (.cpp) file

Theses block operations are repeatable, (ie could be executed more than once; usefull for rotations) and move block remain active until placement. (comparable behaviour as moving/rotating single components)


Interesting !

But hierarchical sheets have problem (as expected...) in block mirror (easy to fix) and block rotate.
Currently Hierarchical sheet labels (pin labels) cannot have a vertical orientation.
Block rotate needs vertical sheet labels.
So block rotate could be more tricky than you are thinking
(needs sheet labels orientation management in block rotate, sheet rotate, sheel labels edit and move).

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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