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KiCad: New About Dialog


Rafael Sokolowski (our german translator) sent me a patch for a new Kicad About dialog.
I committed it in rev  2470.
The look is very good.
Old code is not removed (see basicframe.cpp to select old or new dialog).

See below his first mail.

Rafael Sokolowski a écrit :
Hello Jean-Pierre,

I have seen on the todo list that there is the wish to have an unique looking about box under different platforms. I have created one that looks quite the same by use of wxGtk or wxMSW but I have no occasion to test it under OS X. The API of my version is very similar as it is currently used in KiCad by initializing this wxAboutDialogInfo object. currently usage within KiCad... info.AddTranslator( wxT( "French (FR) Jean-Pierre Charras <jean-pierre.charras@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>" ) ); as it is used by my version... info.AddTranslator( new Contributor( wxT( "Jean-Pierre Charras" ), wxT( "jean-pierre.charras@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ), wxT( "French (FR)" ), new wxBitmap(lang_fr_xpm) ) ); A 'Contributor' consists of a name, an email address and optional of a category and a category specific ico URL's will be represented as hyperlinks, thus a homepage (e.g. KiCad's project webpage, the wiki or the bugtracker site) can be easily started or a developer contacted. Persons which have worked on the same issue like by the design of 3D modules can be assigned to the same category, thus will be listed below the appropriate category. Please have a look on the attached example and let me know wether there is any interest to have a new about dialog. Currently, I have not integrated this into KiCad, it is within a separat project and was adapted for KiCad as you can see by the icons and the content. Btw: The symbol for the dutch flag needs a slightly rework because it is a little bit to tall. Best regards, Rafael Sokolowski
Thanks, Your About dialog is very good. So I am interested to integrate it in Kicad. -- Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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