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Re: Tutorial about IPC-7531A


On Wed, 1 Sep 2010, Alex G wrote:

If the probe is flying because I threw it, it will most likely miss even
a 10mm test point.

You can see the little diagram in the IPC-7251 working draft which is
freely downloadable online at


it seems that THT is not a big priority for them, it's stuck in 2008 :D

Anyway it's the most thing similar to a standard for THT we have...
other interesting things you can see in it (IPC is a big fan of copy and
paste, a lot of stuff is duplicated between standard):

- The definition of density level (we usually use B, the median one).
  The LP calculator also has the Proportional one (I think is something
  like the old rule of thumb 'the pad should be 1,5 - 2 times the hole')

- How is courtyard determined

- Lot of considerations about the pcb material (exactly the same from

No. From the datasheets, I thought it was 10 seconds. Actually _every_
datasheet I have ever read states 10 seconds @260C .

So? 10 seconds are at least 3:D and it needs only to survive 255C, with
a peak at 260.

You're writing LaTeX code BY HAND!!???? This is amazing.
I could not see myself using anything other than Lyx for the job, so +2
for you.

I wrote a *lot* of technical paper/manuals in LaTeX, and it's
actually quite easy (my prologue was perfected in almost two years). Of
course for strange things you need to look at the book:D And I don't
know if you could write in a little over a day that doc using
word/openoffice with their equation editors:P

Did you have to sign off your unborn baby for it as well?

They say 'contact us for membership', so maybe clicking on the link
would evoke an horned beast smelling of sulfur...

And people like you, which help share the knowledge (and in a legal
way). It's actually interesting how I, as a hobbyist (for now) take
advantage of your contributions, and you might one day profit from the
contributions that I am to (hopefully) make. Everybody's happy.

Let just say that Mentor 'entry level' package is more or less EUR 4000,
Orcad sucks by definition (I think is the only cad of the world which
broke backward compatibility on its own files...) and eagle is little
more than a toy. We've got a partner who swear for Altium (but that's
even more expensive...).

In about 2 years I've done more than 10 board, and 4 of them are still
in production (about 200pc/month each), so I would say that as EDA kicad
works fine for our needs:D (and BTW we have the DXF exporter because our
mechanical designer wanted a file containing the mounting holes)

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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