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Re: Menu item images on OSX


On 25-08-10 21:55, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> On 8/25/2010 11:21 AM, Jerry Jacobs wrote:
>> On 08/24/2010 08:50 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
>>> During my resent journey though the Kicad source I notice quite a few instances
>>> of the following in the menu creation code:
>>> #if !defined( __WXMAC__ )
>>>     item->SetBitmap( save_project_xpm );
>>> #endif /* !defined( __WXMAC__ ) */
>> Yes this is far from optimal and the better solution is to have a option
>> to hide the icons in the menubars with a setting for all apps.
> I was primarily thinking about the readability of the code rather than user
> preference.  Not that the user preference isn't important.  I think compiling
> for the intended platform makes sense in this case.  I also don't have the time
> to commit to as user selectable solution at this time.  Creating a simple macro
> that expands to nothing on OSX builds is something I can knock out in an hour
> or two.
>>> Is there a specific reason why images should be excluded or included from Mac
>>> menu items?  The problem is there doesn't seem to be any consistency in it's
>>> use.On some of the applications it's used on almost all of the menu items
>>> (Kicad) and some applications virtually none at all (EESchema).  In any event
>>> this screams creating a macro that expands to nothing on Mac builds to rid of
>>> all of the #if/#endif statements.  Any insight from the OSX folks would be
>>> appreciated.


Here you can see the Apple UI guidelines for menus.

>> I'm only a OS X user for just about a year now and find that kicad eda
>> the only application is that has imho to many icons in the menubar on OS
>> X. All the other applications that run on my apple machine don't have
>> any menubar icons or maybe a few. Some people prefer to have icons and
>> some people don't like me. And then the best of both world would be
>> disabling it by default and if people prefer they can set a checkbox in
>> the preferences.
> If menu images are not used in OSX menu entries, than it makes sense to at
> least be consistent in all of the Kicad applications and not use them on OSX
> builds.  I'll take a look at the OSX UI Guidelines to see if it mentions images
> in menu entries specifically and use that as my guide.

Also thunderbird doesn't have any menu icons I just figured out.

Jerry Jacobs