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For all you module builder (IPC-7351 standard related)


I began reverse engineering the plb09 file format. It looks *very*
promising, for two reason:

1) It actually contains both the input values and the results of the
   calculation (including the parameters used);

2) The LP Calculator uses the IPC-7351B standard (for example it
   distinguishes capacitor higher than 10mm); that's even a better
   reason to take the values directly from the calculator;

3) You can parse it with a 'split' primitive (think strtok in C) and an
   XML parser of your likening;

You can see the preliminary stuff in the new release of my document
(according to the TOC available the methodology hasn't changed, but the
magic table are).

Of course, since I suck doing user interfaces, I'll leave all the dialog
programming thing to you (I can help if you have problems with the math,

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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