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Re: For all you module builder (IPC-7351 standard related)



Great start!  I look forward to further installments.  The UI is
really straightforward: just teaching kicad where to look for plb09
files, teaching cvpcb to lookup the module names in them, and teach
pcbnew to import entries as modules (it already does this for some
gEDA newlib entries anyway).

I have already done some heavy lifting to teach pcbnew about some
additional layers: courtyard and assembly outline as well as keepout
and keepin layers for placement and routing (tracks and vias).  I had
to do this for IDF anyway.  Adding closed contours (lines and arcs)
to the module editor, etc...  positive and negative drawsegments on
layers for things like solder dams and gain relief...


On Thu, 02 Sep 2010, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:

> I began reverse engineering the plb09 file format. It looks *very*
> promising, for two reason:
> 1) It actually contains both the input values and the results of the
>    calculation (including the parameters used);
> 2) The LP Calculator uses the IPC-7351B standard (for example it
>    distinguishes capacitor higher than 10mm); that's even a better
>    reason to take the values directly from the calculator;
> 3) You can parse it with a 'split' primitive (think strtok in C) and an
>    XML parser of your likening;
> You can see the preliminary stuff in the new release of my document
> (according to the TOC available the methodology hasn't changed, but the
> magic table are).
> Of course, since I suck doing user interfaces, I'll leave all the dialog
> programming thing to you (I can help if you have problems with the math,
> however).
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