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Progress on IPC documentation


I've finally decoded all the input fields for the SMD components... the
only missing ones are CFPs and Concave Side Diodes (hope nobody will
miss them :D).

Also done some clarifications on how to compute BGA patterns.

Still missing:
- PTH components (the IPC7251 isn't fully released but somehow they
  compute it, need more study); also there is the 'proportional'
  environment which isn't even named in the standard;

- The XML part of the plb09 files (most of the attributes are self
  describing, anyway, I just have to slave over them);

- Two fscking fields in the BGA record, I can't find what are they for

- A working footprint calculator for kicad if there are no volunteers :D

- Utterly and complete world domination XD XD

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl