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Re: Coding Style Guide


On 09/13/2010 08:52 AM, Alex G wrote:
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>>> Thanks! One particular item of interest to me is that I wasn't able
>>> gauge is the use of "this->" to explicitly state that the variable is a
>>> member of the object. Is this acceptable?
>> No.  This is not really C++.  What you talk about is often done in Java,
>> but I don't like that either, and I don't personally do that.  This was
>> another reason for using the 'a' prefix in front of argument names, so
>> that you can be sure you will never collide between a member variable
>> name and an argument.
> That seems to be the consensus. And given the naming convention, I must
> agree. This should be added to the coding guidelines.

I will add do not use 'this->'.

I would not have thought it to be a problem until I just now grepped for it:

$ grep -R 'this->' .

and see it is seeping in from folks that have not lived long enough in
the C++ world yet.


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