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Re: eeschema object selection and block commands


On 09/14/2010 08:42 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> On 9/14/2010 7:28 AM, Lorenzo wrote:
>> Dear developers,
>>         I'm an electronic developer and I found in the Kicad project an
>> extremely interesting EDA suite. Even it is obvious that (in this
>> moment) it cannot compete in productivity with most important EDA
>> systems (e.g. Altium, OrCAD, PADS...), it is growing fast and it has the
>> power to be used in production environments proportionally to its
>> growth. It is probably the only industrial EDA application that is
>> multi-platform, open source, and released in a stable version.
>> It's about two years I'm trying to give my small contribute to this
>> project; we had a discussion about additional features some time ago,
>> and I was probably too enthusiast to identify and imagine a proper
>> implementation work flow for my ideas. The first time I saw the code I
>> was discouraged not only by the lack of comments and the French language
>> used to write the application, but also by the dirty folder structure,
>> file names, and function positions. This is pretty changed now, and the
>> code looks generally better.
>> Hope to “hear” from you what you think about that.

Hi Lorenzo,

I would also thank you for you time and effort you put in KiCad to
improve it. Especially because you also use it at work and normal at
work there is not much time to fix things. The code is improved very
much compared from two years ago. When I joined KiCad as a translator.
Since then there are many good new features and enhancements added.

Maybe nice to know that I give a 50 minutes talk at a Tdose in The
Netherlands again. Almost the same as previous year which you can still
look on a recorded movie.


Jerry Jacobs

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