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library structure


I'd like to emphasize:

1) the need to think this through now, right when we are contemplating a
new file format, and

2) we need to define terms early, so we can actually have a conversation
that can be understood.


My opinions, for a program like EESCHEMA in general:

A) I don't find alias support to be particularly valuable, especially in
the presence of good library browsing capability. 

B) EESCHEMA's library browser needs to be strong.

C) Copying is not sharing.  Sharing is when a single edit affects
multiple parts.  There is not a significant value in "sharing" graphical
symbols between part specific components, particularly if it were
possible to simply copy a graphical symbol through the clipboard. 

D) Project specific library support is important, and could be the
domain where symbols become part specific.


To me, 2) should be our highest priority, and it could almost read like
a few entries from a dictionary.


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