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Re: library structure


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

My opinions, for a program like EESCHEMA in general:

A) I don't find alias support to be particularly valuable, especially in
the presence of good library browsing capability.

I agree - but SPICE-heads might still want this?

B) EESCHEMA's library browser needs to be strong.

For the record, I spend more time making/tweaking lib parts and modules than any other task while creating a PCB. I imagine some libraries that specialize in symbols, others for parts and still other for spice.

C) Copying is not sharing.

Thus an edit of a part within eeschema/edit_component needs three options - this part only, this schematic only, and update the lib?

What if a part field can be of two types - a file pointer for doc files or just text? A file pointer could start with some special character or a button?

(is the Datasheet field connected to anything at all right now? )

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