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Re: library structure


Le 23/09/2010 02:09, Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :

On 9/22/2010 9:58 AM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

I'd like to emphasize:

1) the need to think this through now, right when we are contemplating a
new file format, and

Since I already have a preliminary component library file format
document nearly complete, now would be a good time to get as much input
up front as possible to prevent wasting time and effort doing things over.

2) we need to define terms early, so we can actually have a conversation
that can be understood.

I suggest we use the term symbol to reference what we currently refer to
as a component and use component to reference what we currently refer to
as an alias.  I think it more accurately describes the current file
format and certainly anything I would propose for the new file format.
I always felt the term alias was not very clear.  To me 74LS00, 74HCT00,
7400, etc. are components.  I've never used a 74HCT00 alias on a board
before.  I like the term symbol to represent how a component is drawn
including pins, lines, arcs, etc.  Until we agree on terminology, I
suggest we continue to use the terms alias and component as they are
currently defined to avoid confusion.

I also like terms symbols ( for drawings description only )
and components (to define a library item having specific fields values: name, value users fields, links to docs, key word..)

Besides, currently libedit can export/import drawings description already called symbols in doc(the .sym files which are libraries containing one component). So using symbol has more sense.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS