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Re: library structure


On Sep 23, 2010, at 1:09 AM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> symbol - The graphical and/or electrical representation of a component.
> Think everything between DRAW/ENDDRAW in the current file format.
> field - The default and user defined text values that describe a
> component such as value, reference designator, footprint, etc.
> component - The combination of default and user defined fields and a
> symbol that get imported into a schematic.
> library - One or more components along with some meta-data to describe
> the library.

When drawing a schematic everything is easy when using components, especially using user-defined libraries. Does this mean that Kicad will ship with a large set of (component-) libraries? Or, will every user need to start creating his own, from symbols (is there a symbol-library foreseen?)? 

Will the component-library also have a reference to (default) footprint(s)? Related to this, if a component is available with different footprints are they different components, or the same component with a reference to multiple footprints? If the latter is true, then one could easily choose another footprint in newPCB, for instance.

P.S. What is the preferred option regarding the mailing-list. Do I reply to the author and CC the list or just reply to the list (if someone is not subscribed to should then ask to be CC-ed) ? 

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