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Re: library structure


On 23/set/2010, at 19.40, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> I don't see how aliases can be used for heavy libraries.  Aliases do not have
> fields (unless you count the information in the document file) so you cannot
> assign different default or user specified field values to them.  Once you add
> field support to aliases, you have effectively made them components.  As you
> mentioned above, most heavy libraries would be generated by scripts or copy and
> paste so any advantage of sharing a symbol largely negated.

After much silence i want to contribute with my cent:

We could use a "base library" that is referred from "specific parts library" as "father" using its symbol like classes (inherance).
So who wants heavy libraries has its parts, who keeps its library light has its part fallbacking to the father.

Each specific parts could have also the substitution others, case supported and probably also the part number of the largest distributors for the List of Material.


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