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Re: library structure


Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
On 9/24/2010 3:41 PM, Marco Serantoni wrote:
Because we have load the same symbol multiple times, wasting in large
libraries a lot of memory , so I'm suggesting a pointer to base symbols.


 Even if you loaded 10 libraries
in a project with similar numbers you would only still represent 0.05%
of the system memory.  Clearly this is not a lot of memory.  I'm not
suggesting that we don't pay attention to memory usage.

A lot of the traditional practices in CAD systems were due to RAM and disk storage limits.. My first CAD system had a 10MB hard-drive -(remember saying, "how can I ever run out of disk space?"- it is important to forget about saving diskspace and RAM - I still find myself deleting things, when the right thing is to dump them in a folder someplace so they will be there - 'just in case'.; The cost of storage is essential free for anything other than video - and video (uncompressed HD video streams of 80MB/sec are common in editing systems) is sill driving the price of memory down.

Bloat is still bad - mostly because it slows things down if everything won't fit in the processor cache, but the rules of the game have changed and keep moving - Even L2 Cache is usually 2MB/per core now and headed to 8MB

[OT] I soldered up my first computer - the memory chips were 64bytes(512 bits) -- $10/ea (about $100 in 2010 money). I spent ALL my money on RAM and had 8Kbytes.

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