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Re: C++ conformance (was [Merge] lp:~amir-mohammadkhani/kicad/ash into lp:kicad)


On Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 10:49 PM, Alex G <mr.nuke.me@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > I think we are reaching the point where we need a separate branch for
> > visual c++.
> I'm sorry to just jump in, but what was the problem with Blinded C++ in
> the first place?
> Is it not compiling? I wouldn't like to see kicad deviate from standard
> C/C++ (name your favorite standard), and if it doesn't, there shouldn't
> be an issue with other compilers. If Blinded C++ is incapable of
> handling the standards, then, and only then we shouldn't even consider
> supporting it.


> Shouldn't this be cleaned up before deciding if other compilers are crap?

We are talking about CMake/VC++ issues at the moment, so the way that VC++
builds the software.
Remains clear that the being Kicad a multiplatform software the first choice
compiler is gcc and this is not because we are free-software talibans, but
because is the compiler avaiable on the largest number of platforms.
Keep kicad running the largest number of platforms means a lot of
compromises that developers have to keep in mind when changing the code (to
avoid to broke something else).
Dick on his side i think would avoid to efford more compromises just to
support an already supported platform, probably the answer could be
different if becomes from an unsupported platform (like QNX).

Please stop this "compiler war", i don't think we need just another useless
holy war with no winners.


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