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Re: [PATCH] Ortographic mode for 3D viewer and minor cleanup


Le 03/10/2010 19:27, Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
On 10/3/2010 11:35 AM, Alex G wrote:
I didn't want to stay idle while everybody talked about the new library
structure. Since that is above my paygrade at the moment, I did ne next
best thing I could.

I've added a button in 3d-viewer to switch between perspective and
ortographic projection modes. The icon is a big boring "O", but then
artwork was never my strong point.
I've also cleaned up some -pedantic errors that annoyingly filled up the
virtual terminal.
I also came across some files that used tabs instead of spaces, so I
refactored them to use spaces.


Some files you have changed tabs to spaces are automatically created (*base.xx or *fbp.xx) by wxFormBuilder.
Do not spend time to edit them: all changes will be lost next time a dialog will be modified.
These files are not really intended to be read by a developer.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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