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Re: make uninstall: no rule?


> Fabio,
> Do in the unix way, remove manually files before.
> Make can't know where you have installed your previous installation.
> If you want an uninstall, use the user packaging systems.

If you install the files from the sources using make then make
install, make can know how to uninstall the files. It knows were it
installed them while it run "make install" so it knows how to
uninstall them. This is quite a common behavior in most of unix
programs (eg gimp: http://wwww.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1586429).

In fact, if you look inside the build directory after running make
then make install then you'll see a file called install_manifest.txt
which cmake populated with all the files it installed during "make

The patch I just send to the mailing list should add support for make
uninstall, so please help test it.


Fabio Varesano