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Re: Improving usability of KiCad



On Mon, 11 Oct 2010, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> for some reason 4.3 sticks in my head but it has been a while since I have
> looked at this code ) so it is less of an issue in this case.  Before someone
> gets upset, I'm not suggesting that PCBNew should not support the maximum
> resolution of RS-274X, I'm merely commenting that it currently does not.

It currently always plots 2:4 imperial, which causes the same problems
going into the fabricator's CAM system.  Other tools typically plot 3:5
metric (which _is_ 10 nm or precisely what is required to precisely align
imperial and metric grids).

Its funny but the NC drill files can be output metric, which will cause
the holes to misalign with the pad flashes and cause havoc for less
forgiving CAM systems too.  It was easy enough to expand the plot dialog
to allow the user to select the precision of the RS-274X plots.


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