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Re: Improving usability of KiCad


On Mon, 11 Oct 2010, Marco Serantoni wrote:

I wish to change the point of view, we use wxWidgets in the best way ?
I want to see PyQt4 drawing the amount of lines in video.brd one by one.
I have nothing against Qt, neither wx has nothing against Qt in fact there is a QT port

I'd like to back off my statements a bit... Just take them with a grain or two of salt ;) I'm _not_ an expert in the field so my observations are from a very limited set of data. I wish we'll find a way for using wxWidgets to their full potential.

PyQt4 drawing in immediate mode would be pure madness. I meant the best of the both worlds approach like GNU Radio. Python just handles the piping and valves, but processing and display is in SIMD C++ and OpenGL plus Cairo. It's just amazing that I can sample (on KiCad designed harware) lower part (0-8192kHz) of HF spectrum, pipe the PCM over USB2 to a PC, convert the 16b data to float, filter it in 32b floating point (ADC dc offset), plot the FFT at 50fps with transparent anti aliased truetype tooltip markers (Cairo -> GL texture) on the OpenGL spectrum display and all that just slightly using the second core (1.86G C2D). By the way, GNU Radio has both wx and Qt4 GUIs.

Few zooms in KiCad eat the same or more CPU cycles and I bet there is less data flowing ;) X is mostly not bypassed though... Just as a note, someone has done something about the drawing performance in KiCad or driver stack as KiCad is way better now than a few weeks ago. Thanks to that someone :)


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