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Bazaar best practices


A while ago I volunteered to do a write up of something similar to this:


for our project.  Unfortunately I have yet to find that time.

However I did discover a technique this AM which I think is an improvement
over the "merge back into testing" from a separate working-branch.

That is to use the command:

$ cd working-branch

$ bzr diff --old ../testing.checkout  > /tmp/work.patch

Then a person can apply the patch to his own testing checkout, and commit
that branch into the repo. 


You have no munged log records, coming from working-branch.  Only the big
picture is the testing branch log.


The patch is applied with the "patch" program, so it will not update the
testing branch with BZR file ADDs.

The news in all this, is that there is a

   $ bzr diff --old ../testing.checkout

command which lets you go across branch boundaries to create a patch file.


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