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Re: How to apply new language ?


Le 17/01/2011 09:04, yone ken a écrit :

On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 2:43 AM, jean-pierre charras<jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Le 16/01/2011 16:31, yone ken a écrit :


I have started to localize KiCad in Japanese.
I made language file (committed to lp:~kicad-developers/kicad/doc),
and modified source (attachment: kicad-jp.patch, Lang_Jp.xpm).

Hi JP.

I tried 3 tests.

1) Can I select any other languages?
2) Can I edit any other languages?
3) If I exchange jp/kicad.mo with other/kicad.mo, GUI shows in other language?

The results are:
1) OK - After I installed French on my computer, GUI menus show in French.
2) OK - After I edited fr/kicad.mo, the text is changed.
3) NG - After I exchange fr/kicad.mo with jp/kicad.mo, GUI shows in English.

According to these results, I think this issue is not from the language file
but from the KiCad source.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I made some tests with wxWidgets.
wxWidgets seems look for ja/kicad.mo, not jp/kicad.mo to find Japanese dictionnary.

(see wxWidgets/samples/internat for more tests)


Jean-Pierre CHARRAS