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Re: Part, Module, Package reorganization.



The idea of distributed library is very elegant!! This will keep kicad's
developer on kicad itself not the library. Thanks again for your work. I now
wonder what can I contribute to kicad. Do you have any plan of overhauling
EESCHEMA? I may need to change the way to contribute to kicad by the
programming side.


On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 11:41 PM, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 01/23/2011 10:03 AM, Phinitnan Chanasabaeng wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > After following the mailing list for a while, the new library &
> > distribution system is on going (thanks to Dick and Wayne), it would be
> > good if this subject is discussed again. In my point of view, what kicad
> > lacks is part (including module, package)'s consistency such as naming
> > scheme in both part and package, pin name & number scheme (especially, 2
> &
> > 3 pin's part), category organization and removal of duplicated parts. I
> > think if they are organized in a more consistant way, it will be easier
> > for other contributors to share their parts (It seems to me that most of
> > us create & use our own parts without sharing that much) and make kicad
> > more professional. And if possible, I'd like to volunteer for this.
> > Because this is the only thing I can contribute to kicad for now.
> >
> > What is your opinion?
> >
> > Tony
> The new distributed schematic part and schematic library system should give
> you the power to contribute anything you would like to contribute to
> eeschema libraries, including:
> *) naming policies
> *) physical location of the libraries.
> *) extra properties, which can pull in information you want to incorporate
> into a part.
> Your work could become the new standard Kicad library if you want it to be,
> or one of several.  My work intends to expand choice, not enforce policy.
> Policy is left to the library maintainers, and if you chose to be one, then
> you get to set policy for that library.    Expanding choice is tantamount
> to
> enabling competition.
> There will soon no longer be a need to think that you have to "get your
> library into the project".  That is not a requirement with the distributed
> library manager.  If you make your library exceptional, and put it where
> the
> distributed library manager can find it, then you win customers.  Oops,
> users.  It is just that simple.
> I envision the day where the core Kicad project itself has little or
> nothing
> to do with library maintenance.  Think about that for awhile please.
> With regards to PCBNEW's so called libraries (assuming we even want to
> re-use that noun, 'library'), I have nothing to say at this time.  Any
> conversation should take place:
> 1) after defining some terms, and
> 2) at a point in time where we have someone ready and skilled enough to do
> some actual re-design.
> I am certainly not in a position to do any work over there, since I am
> working on eeschema.  And the terms have not been defined well enough to
> have any conversation, IMO.  We cannot even agree on the difference between
> a footprint and a module.  There is still time for that in the future
> though.  And much will be learned from doing all the Sweet work, some of
> which can be transferred forward.  In general it is a larger task and
> harder
> to get right.
> Dick
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