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Re: Part, Module, Package reorganization.


On 01/24/2011 12:01 PM, Phinitnan Chanasabaeng wrote:
> Dick,
> The idea of distributed library is very elegant!! This will keep kicad's
> developer on kicad itself not the library. Thanks again for your work. I
> now wonder what can I contribute to kicad. Do you have any plan of
> overhauling EESCHEMA? I may need to change the way to contribute to kicad
> by the programming side.
> Tony.

$ cd <kicad-src>/new
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ../
$ make help
$ make new-docs
$ firefox ../html/index.html

Then Read.

Then write an apache C++ module that implements the server side of
HTML_LIB_SOURCE.  Or do it in python, or Java.

If you go C++ you can link in some code already written in /new.

Or write some python code that sits on top of the new python binding, but
this one is a little pre-mature, since the parser and formatter are not done

Basically the plan is to implement the C++ API already documented, then
switch code over to using it, sort of like moving a house.  Make foundation,
move house.  Most of the details become obvious when the house needs to be
lifted and then set back down and re-attached to the facilities.  If worse
comes to worse, you move a board at a time.


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