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Re: Kicad Library Concept Ideas


(part tigers/ears (value 22)(footprint SM0805))
>>> Sweet!
> Darn!  You beat me to it.
> Great work Dick.  The sweet parser is really coming along nicely.  Thank
> you for your time and effort.
> Wayne

Thanks for the encouragement guys.  Truth is I've only worked on it about 4
hours total in the last 3 weeks.  So allocating time is definitely the
current bottleneck.

If I'm not coining a new linux distribution, I'm writing an HDLC controller
in verilog with manchester encoding.  Always something to do, and hopefully
one or more of them succeeds enough to pay bills.

Cool thing lately is my oldest son is helping, so that involves training. 
Plus I'm recently a Grandpa for the first time. 

Lots to do.


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