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Re: Crosscompilling again - no luck


2011/3/10 Milan Horák <konference@xxxxxxx>:
> Hi gentlemen,
> I'm trying again to crosscompile Kicad for Windows on Linux.
> My problem is, that cmake ends with "wxWidgets bot found" message.
> I ran cmake through strace but everything seems to be the right way.
> wx is 2.8.11, Kubuntu 10.10
> What should I focus on now?
> Thanks for any advice.
> Milan

Can you post how you are building wxWidgets (the command line)?

Are you defining wxWidgets_ROOT_DIR in your cmake options?

There are several points of failure for cmake detecting wxWidgets.
It's very easy to build on a windows command line if that's possible
for you to do.

Best Regards,