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New schematic file format.


Before I get started on the new schematic file format I want to get some
feedback to avoid heading down the wrong path.  I have compiled a list of
potential changes that need to be discussed before work can begin on the new
schematic file format.

1) Since the new part library source for parts in the schematic is going to be
included in the new file format, should links to external part library sources
be specified in the schematic file or should they be pushed up to the schematic
editor level?

2) Include meta-data type information such as file creation date, last modified
date, file format version, etc. similar to the first line in the old file
format?  If so what information to include?

3) Eliminate layers since they are not really used in EESchema other than for
defining the display color of the object?  Adding wire and bus classes would
eliminate the need for layered line objects.

4) Provide support for schematic editor settings that can be restored between
schematic editing sessions?

Here are a few ideas I would like to see in EESchema that would require some
additional concepts in order to support.

* Use system fonts instead of the custom line drawn fonts since they don't need
to be accurately converted to gerber files as in PCBNew.

* Support adding images either as file links and/or embedded in the schematic.

* Support custom legends, title blocks, and title block fields.  Corporate
users tend to have strictly defined requirements when it comes to documentation

If you can think of anything else, please bring it up now so we get the new
schematic file format as well defined as possible up front.  Please try to keep
the discussion limited to the schematic file format.  I see a lot of potential
for this discussion to spiral out of control.



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