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Re: PCBNEW + Gnome 3 = random lock up problem


On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 2:21 PM, Phinitnan Chanasabaeng <
phinitnan_c@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello,
> I just upgraded my workstation to Gnome 3 and try out its new UI. The
> problem I have now is my computer locks up randomly when working with
> PCBNEW. I'm quite sure this is not PCBNEW problem because I never had this
> problem prior the upgrade.
> Most of the locks up happen during zooming with mouse's wheel. So, I would
> like to ask (if possible) what could be the cause of this. I'm going to post
> a bug report in Gnome's bug tracker.
> Tony

You said, and meant, "whole computer" right?  Not just Kicad?
> All applications and the desktop itself are locked up?

Yes, the whole computer. This problem only occurs under Gnome Shell which is
replaced by Nautilus + Metacity (fallback mode) now. PCBNEW now works good

> I noticed this the other day (using Gnome 2 and Ubuntu Maverick), too.
> Pcbnew (not the whole computer) stops responding/redrawing the window
> after zooming around for a while. However, it seems that this doesn't
> happen when pcbnew is run directly from a console (thus I was unable
> to reproduce this while running pcbnew under gdb). I thought that this
> may have something to do with the debug build writing a lot of stuff
> into stdout filling a buffer or something and freezing pcbnew when
> there's no console open (?). I didn't test this theory, though.

 Correct, the debug build will write to stdout, which if run as a child
> process
> under Kicad, will eventually lock up.
> This is a known problem.  So if you want to use a debug build, run it from
> the
> console.
> The pipe going back into the parent process is never read by the parent,
> i.e.
> Kicad program, the project manager.

I also have this problem. But, for some reason, the problem disappears while
Cups daemon is running.