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Re: Issue in commit rev 2962


Le 12/04/2011 21:33, jean-pierre charras a écrit :
Your commit 2962, that modify gr_basic.cpp, and use ClipAndDrawFilledPoly to clip rectangles is incorrect
Using ClipAndDrawFilledPoly instead of old code has 2 issues:
-1 Rectangles outside the draw area are are still drawn
-2 Rectangles having outlines drawn with a thick pen are drawn with outlines around the draw area.

ClipAndDrawFilledPoly uses Sutherland Hodgman algorithm that do not remove polygon outlines,
and can be used *only* to clip filled polygons having no thick outlines,
i.e. when they are no outline to draw (just a filled area),
therefore not to clip rectangles that outlines must be drawn.

Please, go back to the old code.

Or, (better) enhance the code to take in account the outlines thickness when clipping.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS