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Re: KiCad new look - new icons and new buttons


On 08/24/2011 02:07 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> On 8/24/2011 2:12 PM, fabrizio wrote:
>> Hi,
>> thanks, I am glad you like them.
>> may I ask why you want the buttons size to stay at 16pt? is it only a
>> matter of space? if so, how?
> For toolbar images, 26 or 24 pixels is fine for all platforms.  On some
> platforms (read Windows) the larger icons will make the menu spacing much wider
> than the menu text (assuming your not using a 26 pixel font).  Menu images are
> disabled by default on Linux with the latest Gnome 2 (not sure about Gnome 3)
> so it wont effect Linux users.  If the user enables the Gnome menu images, the
> same problem will exist on Linux.  I'm not an OSX user so I cannot comment on
> how the larger menu images will look.  I could personally live without images
> in the menu bar.  I would prefer to use the space taken by the image for more
> descriptive menu text but I'm sure there are plenty of folks who would disagree
> with me on that one.
> Wayne


I committed to write an automation script which generates all the bitmaps from
*.svg to *.cpp.  I believe it will be possible to parameterize the target image

I am now only waiting for the *.svg s.

This *.svg -> *.cpp automation is to live outside the normal Kicad build process.

However, it can be done twice, or three times, resulting in multiply sized PNG
containing *.cpp directories.

Each of these directories can be checked into the source tree.

Then, the master CMakeList.txt file for the Kicad project can dynamically pick
which one gets chosen, based on a parameterized *.cpp containing directory name.

I won't take it that far, only to the point of having parameterized build
automation, with a specific view to reward Fabrizio for his efforts, meaning I
intend to honor whatever bitmap size he wants, as payment for his efforts.

Others can cater to the hobbyist computers, later.  This infra-structure will at
that point be easy to extend, but I personally will not have time for that 2nd
stage effort.


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