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About the pad editor dialog


I'm trying the new fun-happy NPTH hole facility :D

Some questions/notices:

- Why the 'standard' and 'NPTH' pad presets have the 'Silks_Front' layer
  checked by default? maybe a relic from before the 'pads on silkscreen'

- Most importantly, why the 'NPTH' has the 'All Copper Layers' checked?
  Some fabricators use the fact that there is no copper exactly to move
  the hole in the 'last drill' tape, when working with a single drill

- The 'conn' type IMHO should be clarified... I think it's for card edge
  connectors, right?

- The OK button is right on the border with no spacer, it's ugly:P

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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