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>already defined in the template list. As for the forthcoming file
format, it should be transparent to the user that the file format has
>even changed. Wayne

Given the infrastructure of external scripts I use in my workflow, a
file format change is not a transparent thing. Also anyone using kicad
for real work has a lot of time and money invested in their files.

I might not be a typical user but I am part of the spectrum of users.
Here's a short profile of me as a user to keep in the back of your heads
while you try to do the impossible and satisfy everyone :P

I was really glad when I found Kicad. I chose Kicad because it is open
source, cross platform and appeared to be useable. Also because the file
format is text.

My kicad boards are 4-8 layer dual sided SMT, usually small (15mmx15mm)
and as small a trace/space as I can economically get.

I found the module editor to be useless. I have a suite of python
scripts for generating footprint libraries (ie changes to the library go
int the python source file; all else is generated). Electronics design
is a fraction of my time so I try to minimize manufacturing risk by
using the IPC footprint calculations.

I do new components infrequently and tend to edit the library file by
hand with a short script for global changes. Much quicker than wading
through the dialogs and interrupting input with mouse waving.

My designs are simple enough that I don't use the DRC extras like pin
type. < 50 components usually.

I have remapped as many hotkeys as possible to an efficient layout. When
doing a layout my left hand rests is on the home row and my right on the
mouse and both move as little as possible. For me it reduces fatigue and
lets me work quicker.
I use kicad only once every one or two months, sometimes less, but when
I do it's for 6-10 hour sessions. Efficiency is hugely important.

I have used Orcad and presently use Altium designer during the day and
kicad in the evenings, both for production type work.
I hate them all; my goal is to get a working PCB with few or no mistakes
generated as fast a possible. The software helps me do this quicker, but
it also is one of the main things in my way as I try to work.

...that's me in a nutshell.