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Re: Kicad future documentation - your opinion


Dnia 2011-09-22, czw o godzinie 17:00 +0200, fabrizio pisze:
> from the repository:
> lp:~kicad-developers/kicad/doc
> I notice that the polish version of kicad-doc.pdf which is :
> kicad-doc/doc/help/pl/kicad.pdf
> has been already update with the new icon. That is impressive ! I
> however have to point out that since the time when this doc started
> being updated, some icons have changed a little (not so much).
Wow! Someone noticed the new and updated edition. Finally. :D :D

Yes. Images came from a previous icon version of KiCAD, but my
compilation is constantly updated (Thanks Brian!). As I'll translate the
EESchema content I'll change images in cvpcb.pdf, kicad.pdf and the
older ones into eeschema.pdf.

Of course I've vote for YES to remain the OpenDocument format and PDF as
a final result. Since we have KiCAD OpenSource, so OpenDocument is the
natural choice.

In a Polish version, due to the applied styles (new layout of the text),
files are not linked by the ODM file. Unfortunately, everything started
to fall when I've trying to join the cover sections and the text for
particular headings with ODM. Hence the decision to write new Polish doc
source in a single file.

Kerusey Karyu

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