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Re: Kicad future documentation - first draft


On 26 September 2011 16:14, fabrizio <zonkyu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I seem to understand that the use of the .odt (and pdf) format and
> LibreOffice as main editor is the choice preferred by most of the
> people.
> In attachment you can find the document  kicad_en.pdf modified and
> updated. The following modifications where made:
> - front cover was redesigned (any suggestions for improvement?)
> - A quite cool template (taken from the official open office
> documentation) was used to restyle the whole doc.
> - New icons and screenshots (all included as local links)
> - some minor corrections
> If we all like the style I would go a head and write one more document
> and submit all files tree to Jean-Pierre. It would be really great if
> somebody could volunteer for helping out with the editing of the other
> documents. I would be happy to join forces with him/them.
> Regards
> Fabrizio

I really liked the design - the front cover looks very nice. I'm not
so keen on green, but then I'm boring and print everything in black
and white anyway! ;-)

I certainly found it very easy on the eye's. As Dick has said using
hyperlinked table of contents is always a bonus, it makes navigating
the documents really easy.


Best Regards,


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