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Re: Kicad documentation manual mismatch and future documentation updates


Le 29/09/2011 20:02, Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
2) Perform a search and replace of all of the application names so they all
have the same capitalization.  For example kicad and Kicad should be changed to
KiCad.  I think this is correct capitalization.  However, JP is the final
authority on this.

KiCad is a good name.

Ki has no meaning now, Cad come from Computer aided design.
Well, I must say in France we like English words to name our products.

For other tools, we can use (for tools names, not for file names):
CvPcb		(Something like Component versus PCB,
		although this name come from French words Composants vers Pcb = Component to Pcb )
GerbView	(of course Gerber Viewer)
Eeschema	(Electronic engineering schematic)
Pcbnew		( Well, the first tool I used to design boards was called PCB.
		When I started my own new PCB design tool, I called it PCB new, what else ? )

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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