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label display problem in all (main) kicad apps


Dear All,
When using eeschema or pcbnew (and possibly other apps) I noticed that
there is label positioning problem that I thought of pointing out. It
is not really a bug so I have decided to post it here.

- on a 32bit linux (ubuntu 10.04) machine
- compile today's test release of kicad
- open eeschema
- position the mouse arrow over the first op icon of the right hand
side toolbar, a yellow label indicating what the icon is for will
- move down and hover all other icons. All labels will display properly.
- now move the mouse arrow away and go over the icon at the bottom of
the right hand side toolbar. The label will properly show.
- move the arrow up, over the other icons. all labels here will be
incorrectly positioned (wrong horizontal positioning) and some of them
will be unreadable. Additionally all labels are displayed without
vertical repositioning.
- on the top toolbar, labels are as well always wrongly positioned
horizontally, either you move your mouse left to right or right to

what it should happen
- I would imagine an icon label should be positioned always "next" to
its icon. Label should be justified left for the left hand side
toolbar and right justified for the right hand side toolbar.

If the problem is actually caused by a wrong behaviour in the Wx
library, please better neglect this e-mail.

I hope this helps

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