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Re: Concerns about clearing disagreements before committing.


On 11/20/2011 01:33 PM, Vladimir Uryvaev wrote:
> And I offer a better deal:
> I'll branch, and you're free to roll back by edits. I'll do my work further to 
> the bitter end, then I notice Kicad team.
> Then, either you make decision to merge, or my branch become fork.


I had been acting as a spokesman for Wayne, Jean-Pierre and myself. 

There is no doubt that the "increased resolution" feature is going to be added.  I was
within 2 weeks of adding this myself, just before you started.

Everyone agrees it is important, so it will get done.  Relax.

I have offered to do this work this week, a special holiday week, one in which I have more
time than usual.

Jean-Pierre has not accepted this offer from me, and time is passing. 

Therefore I am guessing that either:

a) he intends to do this work himself, or
b) he intends to get you to do it in an acceptable way, or
c) he has yet to say, OK Dick, do it.

None of these involve you doing it your way without agreement.  If you do, there is a high
probability that you will be wasting your time and the branch will not get merged.

*Have the conversation with Jean-Pierre* .

I plan on enjoying my vacation week and working on the Sweet editor until further notice.

Good luck Vladimir.   As it turned out, I was probably your largest advocate among the

But I stand by my opinion that you should not currently be a member of
"testing-committers".  At least not until you understand how to work in a team.  So there
is still hope.


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