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Re: Concerns about clearing disagreements before committing.



Compatible?  Why not just go with the fork?  Kicad isn't
going anywhere anyway.  Easy enough to make it read (and
maybe write) your old files so you can come along, or not,
when you want.

I did a year of full-time development that we not considered.
It was already a fork.  That one would read and write the same
files as always.

I don't think that you should assume that this is a programmer
design fight.  I wanted these features because I was desgining
a 14-layer 10GHz Optical card and I *needed* them as a user.
I wanted plot-and-go because I am an Engineer and I wanted to 
Engineer the card, not have some chemical jockey do it for me.

I was working with 5 and 7mil LVDS and CMI pairs and low and
behold, someone put integer trig functions in kicad instead of
using, oh, gee, the floating point processor.  Well, when the
internal unit is a 1/10 mil and you have a 5 mil line, the
trig functions have a round-off error at a 45-degree angle
and DRC fails at each bend of the differential pair.  Annoying?
DRC was rendered useless.  So what, I change them to 4.9 mil and
put on the fab drawing that all 4.9 mil lines are to be made 5
mil lines?  Don't think so.  This is but one example of about
20 serious problems with kicad.  You encounter them whenever you
attempt a card more advanced than a dimmer switch.


On Tue, 22 Nov 2011, Simon Turner wrote:

>    Well thank you ! just to make the end users life a misery ? Hopefully
>    you can at least keep them compatible if you must split and make sure
>    versions remain compatible. KiCAD is a nice program although it needs
>    work doing to it. Please don't ruin the only option we do have in the
>    hobbyist world for a serious PCB suit.
>    View of an end user !

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