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Re: Concerns about clearing disagreements before committing.


22 ноября 2011, 19:54 от Lorenzo Marcantonio <l.marcantonio@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 07:39:54PM +0400, vovanius@xxxxx wrote:
> > Thank to masters, Kicad is in 'stand still' but is stable and good
> > debugged, so their scepticism about changes is reasonable. For the
> Erm... good debugged ... I still see assertion popping ups *and* freezes
> in the part editor :(((

I've seen several projects, having feature rich, but so buggy forks. Such forks happen to die.

Kicad's not so buggy like many ones.

> > code to be redesigned and lots of features to be added we should go
> > back to highly experimental state. There should be enough 'coding
> > force' and management resources to keep TWO projects (legacy KiCad and
> > new KiCad) in living state. I hope we still be together despite of all
> > conflicts.
> What about doing what everybody else is doing? Feature freeze the main
> branch (only for fixes) and go on on an experimental one...

Yes, it could be a solution. At least one of.