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Re: Realigned gencad patch


Just curious, do you think someday this import export for GenCad could be put behind the
"class PLUGIN" API?

See io_mgr.h and let me know if it could fit there some day.  I foresee the time when we
may have so many import and exports that we'll want them in DLL/DSOs and this is a path to
let us grow these things outboard ad infinitum.

There are C source files on the users list for SVG which are not coming into the project
yet.  I think this API might be a bucket into which we can start pouring these tools.

Without impacting the load time and file size of the main programs.  This goes hand in
hand with the need to clean up and add the *accessors* in the BOARD hierarchy.  Since
plugin authors will be using those to futz with the BOARD.