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Re: Who owns the Kicad logo?


On 01/04/2012 11:43 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> On 01/04/2012 07:54 PM, Adam Wolf wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Who owns the Kicad logo? 
> Fabrizio Tappero is the artist of kicad_icon_small.svg.
> If this is the logo you are talking about, he would hold the copyright on it.  I have no
> knowledge of any copyright assignment from him to anyone else.
> Please name the artwork you are referring to if different than this.
> If this is the artwork, you should contact him, since he is the owner from what I can see
> in the commit logs.

Please note that I deduced this by going back all the way into the *.xpm version, which
was different.  Fabrizio did a re-design on the current one.  If not, then there would be
a shared ownership possibly.  So barring any copyright assignment, sometimes there might
be co-ownership.  Here, on said ICON, not IMO.

> (It would be nice for the project to get a small royalty from sew on patch sales, but it
> seems this would be up to Frabizio, his negotiations, and his generosity.)
> Dick

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