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Question - Kicad and page orientation.


>I know of no such circumstance which would make this difficult,
especially now that we
>have accessors for class PAGE_INFO.
>Is there more to this than simply reversing the roles of GetWidthMils()
>GetHeightMils() when an internal boolean is set within PAGE_INFO?
>If not, I will volunteer to do this, and would expect to have it done
within 2 hours.
>If more than this, then I may be hesitant to volunteer more.
>Embellish my understanding please if it is too primitive.
>Thanks, Dick

It sounds promising.
I investigated this problem for two days and didn't find something realy
preventing to implement
'page orientation'. Some complications may be because of 'User' size (by
the way, why 'User' and not
'Custom'?) and special 'GOST' Kicad builds for Russian users. It seems
to me, that 'User' size was implemented
to somehow substitute page orientation. And if 'page orientation' will
be some time implemented, may be
'User' size will become useless?
Russian 'GOST' standard strictly deny sizes other than A0-A5.

>Is there a problem using the "User" sized page, which lets you give any
>including a height which is larger than a width?
>Well I do know of some clamping in there which seems to be keeping a
person from doing
>this at the 4" x 6" size (schematic on a baseball card) but for sizes
larger than this, I
>think use of page size "User" solves this in an indirect way.
Nonetheless, I have most of
>this portrait support coded already, just missing the dialog boxes, and
file format
>changes that will be required.

I think that some difficulties may be because of 'page orientation' is
not only orientation we can see on the
screens and plots, but also the way a sheet of paper is introduced to
printer. For most of users it is the
same. The PCB and schematic plots orientation must be also taken in

If you have no plans to volunteer to do this, maybe I shall try?

Thanks, Alexander.
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