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Re: Kicad and page orientation.


On 16 January 2012 06:22, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Added "portrait" support to the page size settings for all standard paper
> sizes. Tested with postscript output only. Required minor file format changes
> to reflect the "portrait" setting. common/dialogs/dialog_page_settings.cpp
> uses a checkbox but its name is "Landscape", which is inverted from portrait,
> but since it is the more common choice, I used that rather than portrait.
> The tooltip for that checkbox makes it clear. No portrait mode is supported
> for "User" paper size.
> Don't know if GOST diffs are needed anymore in common/class_page_info.cpp, although for
> some reason A4 page size is thought to be different between the two compilation paths:
> #if defined(KICAD_GOST)
> const PAGE_INFO PAGE_INFO::pageA4( wxSize( 8283, 11700 ), wxT( "A4" ) );
> #else
> const PAGE_INFO PAGE_INFO::pageA4( wxSize( 11700, 8267 ), wxT( "A4" ) );
> #endif
> Will the real paper size please stand up?

Hi Dick,

A4 is a metric standard paper size, 210 x 297mm. In imperial, that's
8.3" x 11.7"

So both are a bit wrong actually.


Best Regards,


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