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Re: Kicad and page orientation.


On 01/16/2012 08:33 PM, Александр Закамалдин wrote:
>> In Texas, we say thank you when somebody does a favor for us.
>> I am not equipped to deal with this conversation.
> I am sorry if I was too rough in my previous message.
> I really was not going to disappoint you.
> I wrote thanks to express respect to the interlocutor.
> Alexander.

My only pay is a thank you. I don't need to be respected so much as my time needs to be

With commit 3368 I am moving away from "KiCad Portrait" support, to hopefully more
rewarding endeavors.

I feel what remains are these items, at least:

a) gerbview's page selection dialog, needs new US page types, and portrait choice.

b) eeschema's printer setup dialog, needs to set paper orientation according to
GetPageSettings().IsPortrait() similar to


In general, I did not write the printing code in KiCad, and find it non-functional for the
most part. In 5 years of using KiCad, I have never used it until this week to do testing.
It is not worth my extremely valuable time, and certainly not in the context of