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Kicad and page orientation.



Dick wrote...
> Don't know if GOST diffs are needed anymore in common/class_page_info.cpp, although for
> some reason A4 page size is thought to be different between the two compilation paths:
> #if defined(KICAD_GOST)
> const PAGE_INFO PAGE_INFO::pageA4( wxSize( 8283, 11700 ), wxT( "A4" ) );
> #else
> const PAGE_INFO PAGE_INFO::pageA4( wxSize( 11700, 8267 ), wxT( "A4" ) );
> #endif
> Will the real paper size please stand up?
> This is significant, because we would like GOST to be a runtime choice, not a compile time
> choice if possible. That way we do not have to compile so many times for verifying
> build-ability before each commit.

This diffs are not needed for now in general. But in particular, this statement indirectly defines
page orientation for the first time the page is drawn. It would be mentioned once more that
A4 with landscape orientation is forbidden in GOST. Also A4 size X have drifted in time from
8283 to 8268. Although both sizes are in tolerance, 8283 produces better looking frame in


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