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Kicad and page orientation.



> "forbidden in GOST".
> is a phrase which raises a lot of questions, and it would be helpful if someone could
> answer some or all of them:
> 1) Can I receive a copy of all the "rules" associated with GOST?
Sure. In Russian. In English it's not free as far as i know.

> 2) Is there a google search phrase you can recommend which will shed more light on GOST?
> (Or does GOST prefer darkness, only comes out at night?)
Maybe this - "Unified system for design documentation. Basic inscriptions."

> 3) What happens if a person does the forbidden with respect to GOST? Are there actually
> GOST police, I mean who is making these rules?
:) Good joke. GOST stands for "The standard of the state". Now it is an international standard.
For former Soviet Republics.

> 4) Can someone please estimate how many people world wide are using GOST?
> 5) Can someone please estimate how many KiCad users are using GOST?
I really don't know. I am a hobbyist not professional. GOST has no meaning for me.

>> Also A4 size X have drifted in time from
>> 8283 to 8268.
> A4 size is well documented.
I meant drift for Kicad.

> Or are you using paper that is not truly A4 in size? Try
> adjusting the "margins". Must we lie to a printer or a plotter here, to make this output
>look good? (Please say which.)
>Is there no better way?
> .....
> The GOST margins that were chosen by GOST implementors in KiCad are as follows
> #define GOST_LEFTMARGIN 800 // 20mm
> #define GOST_RIGHTMARGIN 200 // 5mm
> #define GOST_TOPMARGIN 200 // 5mm
> #define GOST_BOTTOMMARGIN 200 // 5mm
It's a good question for Kicad GOST implementors. I'm not one of them.
A4 paper may vary in tolerance but page frame must be constant. 
"Margins" are intended to compensate this variations (not only).
Maybe Kicad GOST implementors relied on page sizes X and Y?

> So my guess is that we could change this setting for you each week, based on where you buy
> your GOST paper from that particular week, since you are reserving only about 5 mm from
> the paper's edge when the paper size itself is subject to a 2 mm swing.
No way! The GOST frame implementor must not forget about real paper size variations.

> So, after giving up an entire Sunday afternoon for your Alexander, with nothing in return
> to say for it, my patience it now at NULL.
I suggest to leave this question for later.

By the way, I have a question too. The conventional (non-GOST) frame shape - where
does it come from? Is it a standard?

My best regards, Alexander.