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Re: [PATCH] Floating tracks loose netcode fix


Le 09/02/2012 17:04, Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :

1) This PATCH is going to take some time to process, it will require some discussion.  In
any case it is not conformant to coding standards as is but it is not a large patch so I
would not bother resubmitting it yet.

2) you will have to join the mailing list to continue posting.

First, thanks for your patch.
I am thinking you have not used the latest kicad version (i.e. the testing version.) so it is hard to test your patch.

Remember you *should* use only latest sources, because if not, we are unable to use a patch.
to download latest sources.

Mainly pcbnew/connect.cpp has a major change in connections calculations,
and does not need anymore a track ends on the center of a pad to be seen as connected.

I believe your patch does not use this version.

I encourage you to resubmit a patch using the latest sources.


Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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