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Re: [PATCH] Floating tracks loose netcode fix


If you put a "fill" area (net X), and you put a via there. Is this a zone
connectedto net X?
(this is what I was considering)

Anyway, as a expected behaviour (of any program), is what it allows you to
do, and you see
in the screen, when you save it, then at load, you should get the same.

Any other behaviour is unexpected for anyone. Sincerely ;-)

2012/2/17 Brian F. G. Bidulock <bidulock@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Miguel,
> On Fri, 17 Feb 2012, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo wrote:
> >
> >        The reasons to add it: making users life easier. If this happened
> >    to Janis will happen to other people, and it's a nasty behaviour
> >    because it's totally unexpected.
> Unexpected?  I EXPECT tracks (including vias) not connected to pads or
> zones to NOT have a netcode.
> --brian
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